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War in Ukraine. Port of Odessa was targeted by Russian drones

Russian drones hit the Ukrainian port of Odessa on the Black Sea anddamage“, the local authorities announced in the early morning of Tuesday, April 4. “The enemy has just hit Odessa and the Odessa region with drones(unmanned aerial vehicles), according to the statement published on Facebook by the local authorities. “there is damage– he added, without further details.

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Citing Yuri Kruk, head of the military administration of the Odesa region, the statement said that Ukraine’s air defense forces were working and warned of the possibility of a second wave of attacks.

Odessa was a favorite vacation spot for many Ukrainians and Russians until the outbreak of the 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Odessa has been repeatedly bombed by Russian forces since the beginning of the conflict. In January, UNESCO included the historical center of Odessa in the list of world heritage in danger.

Source: Le Figaro

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