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The EU will soon discuss sending peacekeeping troops to Ukraine – Orban

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The Hungarian prime minister once again declared that he is in the “camp of peace”, unlike the leaders of other European countries.

The question of whether peacekeeping troops can be sent to Ukraine is becoming more legitimate. This is what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, reports 24.hu.

“We are close to the fact that in the talks of European leaders, the question of whether EU member states can send troops of some kind of peacekeeping in any form, or better not send, has become legitimate and accepted. We are close to the previously impassable border,” he thinks.

In his opinion, the number of countries that sided with peace instead of war did not increase. He added that allegedly “the people of Europe have moved towards a ceasefire and peace talks”, but “it has not reached the leaders”.

The head of the Hungarian government again made a strong statement. This time about the number of dead on both sides.

“There is no doubt that the war is becoming bloodier and more brutal, with more than a hundred thousand casualties on both sides,” he said.

Orban assured that Hungary’s position must be to cease fire and “so that no one dies.”

“A peace plan can be worked out during a cease-fire. Never in history has a solution been thought of during a war. The path to peace begins with a cease-fire, and this is the goal of Hungarian foreign policy ,” he said.

The Prime Minister believes that Hungary’s security is allegedly under threat and it only increases with the risk of an escalation of the war.

Recall that Viktor Orban said earlier that his country may reconsider its relations with the Russian Federation in the future.

Hungary has called for a ban on Orban’s visit to Ukraine

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