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The success of Ukraine should be a lesson for dictators – Hollande

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The former French president pointed out the deception of Vladimir Putin and noted that he repeatedly lied in conversations with him.

The war in Ukraine is not local, but global in nature, and whether Russia loses on the battlefield or wins depends on what challenges the world will face tomorrow. This was announced on Wednesday, March 29, by former French President Francois Hollande in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard.

In particular, Hollande pointed out that if Russia withdraws part of the territories from Ukraine, it may attract other countries to change their borders by military means.

“If Putin gets even one square kilometer compared to the situation before the war, other countries will think that they too will get territory,” said the former French president.

On the contrary, if Ukraine wins, the dictators will learn a lesson and not risk taking territories from other states.

Hollande also noted that Vladimir Putin continues to lie.

“Lying is a common thing in politics, but with Putin it reaches an amazing level. How often has he said that Bashar al-Assad did not use chemical weapons? How often has he told me that he had nothing to do to the Ukrainian separatists, although he armed them? because he assured me that he has no connection with the Wagner PMC army, although its leader obeys him?” Hollande insisted.

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