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French government invites unions to meet after latest protest against pension reform

President Emmanuel Macron is under pressure. His government says the reform is critical to avert a pension fund deficit, but it lacks the support of trade unions and the public. | Fountain: EFE | Photographer: CHRISTOPH PTI TESSON

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Prime Minister of France Elizabeth Bornproposed a meeting unions to resume dialogue amid protests against pension reform, the leader of the country’s largest trade union said tonight, Laurent Berger (CFDT).

The offer was received this afternoon after a day of strikes and demonstrations that took place on Tuesday at the national level, said Berger in a TV interview in which he showed at least satisfied opportunity for direct dialogue.

Since the introduction reform in January, “they did not accept us once, despite our demands, neither the president, nor the prime minister, nor the minister of labor,” despite offers of dialogue, he said Berger.

Invitation Terminal This comes after the tenth day of nationwide protest, with strikes and demonstrations taking place across the country, somewhat less than last Thursday, when they reached their highest level since protests began in January.

There have been incidents and accusations by the police in Paris and other cities, with 55 people detained in the capital so far, according to the Prefecture of Police.

“Anger is growing, including among the calmest protesters,” he warned. Bergerwho this morning underscored his request to the government to put the pension reform on hold while other options are discussed, such as raising the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, as set out in the new law.

The government “must understand that these images are real. The workers have mobilized and we must listen to them,” the union leader insisted at the protests, which according to the second French union, the CGT, mobilized today. two million peoplecompared to 740,000 registered by the Ministry of the Interior.

(As reported by EFE)

Source: RPP

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