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Motor Sich trades with Iranian manufacturers Shahedov – media

Photo: SBU

The Ukrainian strategic enterprise has been selling engines and other parts to authorized Iranian companies for years.

The Ukrainian strategic enterprise Motor Sich has been trading with sub-sanctioned Iranian companies from the military industry for years. In particular, we are talking about the developers of Shahed-type kamikaze drones. This is stated in the investigation of the journalistic project of the Scheme, which refers to the relevant documents.

The report says that Motor Sich supplied AI-9 and TV3-117 engines – such models are installed both in small aircraft and in military helicopters, especially the Ka-type 52, which Russia is using in the war against Ukraine.

These companies include enterprises related to Iran’s state military industry and are involved in the development of Shahed-171 and Shahed-136.

Documentary evidence of such cooperation was found by law enforcement officers in the office of Vyacheslav Boguslayev, long-term president of Motor Sich.

Journalists examined copies of these documents and identified three Iranian companies with which the Ukrainian corporation Motor Sich cooperated:

  • Design and Manufacture of Aeroengines (abbreviated: DAMA), another name – Turbine Engine Manufacturing Industries (TEM) – the developer and manufacturer of Shahed-171;

  • Iran Aircraft Industries (IACI);

  • Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA).

Motor Sich management understood that direct trade with Iran was dangerous for business. In this regard, Boguslaev proposed to involve a Belarusian mediator.

It should be noted that on October 22 last year, the SBU detained Boguslayev on suspicion of high treason.

Later, the intelligence service published evidence of Boguslayev’s collaboration with Russia. Currently, the former head of Motor Sich is in custody.

Head of Motor Sich cooperated with “DPR” – SBU

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Source: korrespondent

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