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The arrest of Trump. What awaits the former president

If arrested, Trump would be the first former president to face felony charges.

Donald Trump faces possible arrest this week on charges of financial impropriety. We are talking about the 2016 payment of 130 thousand dollars to porn star Stormy Daniels for her silence about her alleged affair with the future president. If arrested, Trump would be the first former president to face felony charges.

The substance of the accusations

The story begins in 2006, before Trump became president. According to porn star Stormy Daniels, they had spontaneous intimacy with Trump (which Trump has always denied), and in October 2016, a month before Trump’s victory in the presidential election, Michael Cohen, the lawyer of the future president, paid . the actress 130 thousand dollars. This amount is said to be part of the agreed upon agreement, according to which the actress agreed not to discuss this case with the press and in general with the public.

And while the fact of the payment was not a violation, when Trump reimbursed his lawyer for the money spent, it was documented as a payment for legal expenses.

And this can be considered as forgery or falsification of Trump’s financial documents, that is, a criminal offense.

Investigation progress

The decision on whether to file charges against Trump rests with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

He is the one who convened a special grand jury to find out if there are sufficient grounds to open a criminal case, and only he knows if an arrest warrant will be issued, and if so, when.

Last week, Trump’s lawyers reported that the former president had been given the opportunity to appear before a grand jury, which could be considered a sign that the investigation is nearing its end.

The lawyers went out of their way to clarify that neither they nor Trump himself had received any advance notice of the impending arrest, stressing that Trump’s own claim that it was supposed to happen on Tuesday was based on only in press reports.

Mandatory Procedures

Due to the historical significance of the possible arrest and security concerns, the details of Trump’s appearance in the New York court will be withheld until the last moment.

His lawyers have made it clear that their client is ready to cooperate with the investigation, so a classic detention with flashing lights and handcuffs should not be expected.

Trump has his own plane, so he can get to any of the airports in New York, and from there by car go to the Manhattan courthouse.


As part of a deal with prosecutors, the court may allow Trump to enter the courtroom through a back entrance, instead of being vilified in front of a line of reporters, as is often the case with defendants.

So, then he still expected the usual procedures in such cases for those accused of criminal offenses – fingerprinting and profile pictures and full face for the case. He will also be read the so-called Miranda Rule, a mandatory notice of rights upon arrest, including the constitutional right to a lawyer and the right not to say anything to the police in order not to harm oneself.

Indicted defendants are usually temporarily handcuffed, but Trump’s lawyers will likely try to make sure he avoids that hassle.

All this time, intelligence agents were inseparably close to Trump.

Before appearing in court, Trump will be in a special room or even a cell for some time.

The very moment of arraignment and the defendant’s appeal to the court will take place in public.

If Trump is found guilty of a criminal offense, then the maximum he could face is 4 years in prison, although experts agree that he is unlikely to be jailed and likely to receive less than a fine. .

Trump’s possible arrest wouldn’t hurt to run for president again.

Source: korrespondent

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