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The moment of the crash of an aircraft in Donetsk appeared on the Web

There are no details yet about what kind of aircraft it is and to whom it belongs – to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or to the occupiers.

The aircraft was shot down in the sky over Donetsk. However, it is currently unknown what exactly was shot down: the plane or the UAV and to whom it belongs. However, eyewitnesses caught on camera a parachute falling from the sky after the aircraft crashed. This was announced by war correspondent Andrei Tsaplienko on his Telegram channel on Monday, March 20.

“A parachute in Donetsk. Who catapulted after the air defense work?

Later, the journalist also released a video after shooting down an unidentified aircraft.

“Shots after shooting down an aircraft or UAV in Donetsk,” he captioned the video, which he also posted on Telegram.

The military commissar also posted a video of the Typical Donetsk Telegram channel. According to him, the cloud from the explosion allegedly resembles the cloud that occurs when a drone is brought down. However, it remains unclear where the parachute came from.

“The cloud after the explosion resembles a UAV hit, but where does the parachute come from?” the public record.

Note that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a commercial Chinese drone Mugin-5.

National Guardsmen from Perun shot down a Russian Su-25 near Bakhmut

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Source: korrespondent

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