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Putin explains why he didn’t attack Ukraine earlier

Russia has been preparing for a full-scale war with Ukraine since 2014, Vladimir Putin made clear.

The aggressor country Russia was not ready to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2014 for several reasons. This is what Russian President Vladimir Putin said, TASS reports on Sunday, March 19.

“As for readiness and suitability: you know, in such cases there is no subjunctive mood, it is, first. Second, it also applies to our readiness for some more serious actions than actions within the framework of the so-called that” Crimean spring “” , – Putin said in response to a question of journalists whether it was worth starting “SVO” in 2014.

According to the President of Russia, since 2014 “a lot has changed.” In this regard, he called the provision of the Russian Federation with food and the development of “import substitution”.

Putin also spoke about the development of the army in recent years, noting that much needs to be done to develop the ground forces.

“We didn’t have hypersonic weapons before (in 2014 – ed.), but now we do. Yes, we don’t really use them, but they exist,” said the Russian leader.

He noted that Russia currently has “other modern systems”, and in 2014 “there was none.”

In the past, Putin repeatedly named all the new goals of the war against Ukraine. He once went so far as to call the current massacres of Ukrainians an attempt to end the war.

In addition, according to Putin, Ukraine can have only one “true guarantor” of statehood and sovereignty.

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Source: korrespondent

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