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Russia lost 15 “invincible” T-90M tanks in Ukraine – General Staff

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Russia, because of the sanctions, can now make such tanks only piece by piece, Andrey Rudyk said.

Russia lost 15 T-90M Proryv tanks in Ukraine, which the Russian invaders called “invincible”. At the same time, the mass production of these tanks, due to sanctions, switched to piece production. This is what the representative of the Center for Research of Captured and Advanced Weapons and Military Equipment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Senior Lieutenant Andrei Rudyk said in a briefing at the Military Media Center on Thursday, March 16.

“The sanctions turned the production of the T-90M from serial to piecemeal. According to open sources, the Russian Federation had only 100 units of such equipment in service on the eve of the large-scale invasion against Ukraine ,” he says. .

According to the spokesman, without foreign components, “this tank is not only impossible to mass produce, it becomes a degraded version of the Soviet T-72B.”

“Legends about the so-called invincibility and perfection of the T-90M and self-sufficiency, the high-tech Russian tank building have fallen against the invincibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To date, the Russian Armed Forces have lost 15 T -90M units in Ukraine, and this is only about the cases recorded in a photo or video “, – said Rudyk.

According to him, the invaders lost more units of specified equipment. The enemy hardly used the T-90M during the conduct of the battle. However, the Russian Federation continues to look for ways to avoid sanctions for the production of new and repair of old T-90M units.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces noticed that the enemy has reactivated the old T-62 and T-72 tanks, which do not even have dynamic protection.

The T-90M is “the upper limit of what the Russian military-industrial complex can get from Soviet developments,” the General Staff notes.

Remember, on February 18, it was reported that Ukrainian paratroopers took out a Russian T-90 Proryv tank. Strategy defused from Javelin.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the losses of the Russian Federation near Bakhmut daily

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