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Russia is fighting for the “Russian world” in Ukraine – Putin

The Russian-speaking population of Ukraine is “well, nothing” different from Russians and cannot be left behind, Vladimir Putin said.

During the war against the Ukrainian people, the aggressor country Russia is fighting for the so-called “Russian world”. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this during a trip to Buryatia, TASS reports on Tuesday, March 14.

According to him, Russia cannot leave the population of Ukraine, whose problem is that they understand the Russian language and speak it.

“For us, it is a struggle for our people living in these territories … We are a multinational country. But still, this is the” world of Russia “. If you talk to those people from there – I met them – they are no different from you and me, well, nothing! They are just like us. They are part of us, how can we leave them?” Putin answered the question of one of the employees of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.

Russia had tried patiently for decades to mend relations with Ukraine, he said, but that changed after the second Maidan in 2014, which Putin called “a coup d’état at the behest of the West.” After that, the “physical extermination of those who advocate the development of normal relations with Russia” allegedly began in Ukraine. That is, Moscow relied on these people, Putin explained.

“The whole country there is essentially Russian-speaking. We relied on people who considered themselves part of the big Russian world, considered themselves part of our cultural, linguistic environment, considered themselves part of our common traditions, etc. We rely on these people,” Putin said.

In the past, Putin repeatedly named all the new goals of the war against Ukraine. He once went so far as to call the current massacres of Ukrainians an attempt to end the war.

In addition, according to Putin, Ukraine can have only one “true guarantor” of statehood and sovereignty – Russia itself.

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Source: korrespondent

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