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US says China has supported Russia since war in Ukraine began

US Spokesperson Questions China’s Neutrality Regarding War in Ukraine | Fountain: Andean

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Despite China’s appearance as a neutral country, China has supported Russia since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, a US State Department spokesman said on Thursday. Ned Price.

“China she gave diplomatic support, she gave political support, she gave economic support, she repeated and repeated Russian propaganda, its lies, its distortions, its lies, in an attempt to protect Russia”, the official said at a press conference.

Prices He said he doesn’t believe the Asian giant has “stayed aside” from the conflict, which is turning one year old this Friday, but that it “provides important support Russia”.

“For the last year they have been trying to give the world this veneer of neutrality,” but, he added, “according to international law, no responsible country can be neutral” in a conflict like this.

“Our concern, of course, would be that China take one more step to render lethal assistance Russia. It’s not something we’ve seen yet, but at the same time, we don’t believe it’s been taken off the table, so we remain ready to impose sanctions on any entity or company in any country in the world,” he said.

US warning

Prices thus agreed with the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who warned China on Monday that if it handed over arms to Russia, it would have “real problems with many other countries, not just the United States.”

“We are concerned that China is considering the possibility of supporting Russian military operations in Ukraine with the help of lethal weapons, which we are following very, very closely,” the head of US diplomacy said.

Allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) issued a formal warning at the Munich Security Conference last weekend in a letter to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The letter was delivered to him by various Western officials, including Blinken himself.

Last Tuesday, Wang met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stressed that “cooperation in the international arena between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation (…) is of great importance for the stability of the international situation. “.

China responds: “We will never accept what the US says.”

From my side, China replied that it USA which “does not stop supplying weapons to the battlefield” and “not China.”

“It is the United States, not China, that continues to supply weapons to the battlefield. give orders to China, and we will never accept the US dictating or imposing what Sino-Russian relations should be,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said at a press conference today. Wang Wenbin.

It is worth saying that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, China has taken an ambiguous position, within which it called for respect for the “territorial integrity of all countries”, including Ukraineand attention to the “legitimate concerns of all countries” in relation to Russia.

“China’s position on the crisis in Ukraine It can be summed up in one sentence and it is to promote peace and dialogue. This is what the international community is asking for,” he added. Van.

The spokesman also urged the United States to “reflect on what it has done” and “take practical steps to cool the situation and promote peace.”

“They must stop blaming others and spreading false information. China will remain on the side of dialogue and peace and will play a constructive role in cooling the crisis,” he said.

During his stay in Munich, Wang Yi confirmed that China would continue to make “efforts” to achieve peace in Ukraine and that his country invited both countries to “sit down together” to reach a “political solution” to the conflict.

The head of Chinese diplomacy reaffirmed this stance during his speech – he added that it would be made public soon in a report – stressing that China opposes “nuclear wars” or “attacks on nuclear facilities” in order to “avoid catastrophes.”

Expected that Wang Yi will arrive in Moscow today, which will be the last stop on a tour that took him through France, Italy, Hungary and Germany.

(As reported by EFE)

Source: RPP

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