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Liquids on board. to the end of the 100 ml rule.

Liquids on board.  to the end of the 100 ml rule.

Who hasn’t been annoyed at the airport security line? Who hasn’t panicked at the idea of ​​condensing all their liquids into one little bag? Always in fear of taking too much and exceeding the sacred limit of 100 ml. What if all these restrictions disappear soon? According to the BBC, the British government plans to deploy high-definition 3D scanners to scan travelers’ luggage at UK airports by mid-2024. An event that can have a significant impact on the passenger experience. The latter will no longer have to limit the amount of liquids in their cabin baggage.

Currently, those who wish to carry liquids with them are limited to a container of no more than 100 ml. This plastic bag, clear and resealable, measures approximately 20cm by 20cm (ie one litre). This restriction was imposed in November 2006 in a tense context. A few months ago, the British authorities thwarted a plot to blow up flying planes with bombs hidden in drink bottles.

Therefore, this restriction can be removed. 3D scanners are currently being tested at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The equipment (CT scanner) is designed to be similar to the CT scanners used in hospitals. In other words, it will provide 3D images of the objects it scans. So the bags will be checked from several angles. More efficient technology than currently deployed equipment.

The stated goals are simple: speed up pre-boarding checks and thus reduce queues, but also improve security. By: The times An official announcement could come before Christmas and say more about the British government’s intentions.

The test is underway in Orly

What about France? “We are currently testing new explosives detection equipment for cabin baggage, which means that neither electronic devices nor liquids can be removed, making it easier for passengers to prepare for security checks.”, said the ADP group, which operates Paris airports in particular. There is a test run at Orly 3 since October, it should happen “One Year in Real Life”as approved Figaro ADP.

This experiment that was carried out “Close cooperation with state services”.includes a “Operator Training on New Image Inspection Protocols”, but also passenger travel analysis. As ADP reminds us, this test is part of a series of innovations, including a “shoe scan” to avoid removing your shoes when going through security.

Source: Le Figaro

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