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These signals sent by the brain indicate that you need to get out of your comfort zone

You have held the same position for several years, follow the same schedules, coexist with the same colleagues during the day. Comfortable days, into which you enter every morning, as if with very warm slippers. Meanwhile, you go to the same restaurant every Friday, and your Sunday jogging routine has been the same for two years. You are certainly in what is called a “comfort zone”. “A safe, familiar space where we feel good and which integrates the habits of our daily lives,” comments clinical psychologist Celia Moller.

Only this well-oiled mechanism that calms down can also be limited. Some of the signs are unclear: daily heaviness, boredom, fear when it is necessary to change habits and face the unknown. You may gradually lose your motivation, your self-confidence, “even develop depression or anxiety,” the psychologist continues. This…

Source: Le Figaro

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