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‘Waiko took everything’: Complaints from Chaclacayo residents almost two weeks after landslides

The Los Alamos sector is one of the hardest hit areas in Chaclacayo. | Fountain: PTR

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gloomy. This is a panorama of the Chaclacayo region in the province of Lima, just two weeks after the passage wacos that touched the city, as part of heavy rains which were registered in connection with the onset of cyclone Yaku.

Team RPP News came to chaclacayo this Tuesday, March 28, and found that some roads were damaged in Central road.

Residents of the Los Alamos sector are still cleaning their affected houses To stones And dirt who brought with him a waiko that had fallen from Cusipata GorgeMarch 16th.

for lady Amelia Moreira It is not easy to remember the moments of horror that he experienced with his mother and sister. That day she and her relatives They were dragged along the riverbed dirty water.

After passing huaico, Amelia led to leg injuries, and his mother turned out to be with a broken head and an injured leg, and his sister He ended up with a neck injury after getting tangled in cables.

“A natural canal runs along the highway, but the wall of an apartment building burst and my house was damaged. the dirt has arrived [a un nivel] two meters. He almost turned off the headlights. If this huaico were at night or at dawn, we would all die. It was fast, there was no time to take out a few things or anything like that. Nothing!” he said.

“Everything took the Waco,” he added.

Added to this is the fact that Moreira family was left uninhabitable, as the mud reached a level of up to two meters and caused so many pretense that the staff of the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) advised them to leave the house. But everything is not so simple, because Amelia and her relatives have nowhere to go.

Artifacts that Amelia rescued are useless because they are “full of dirt”. Currently, the woman uses the clothes donated to her and eats from food provided by friends and neighbors in the city.

The case of Amelia Moreira does not reflect the difficult situation of the Los Alamos sector in Chaclacayo. If you would like to support her, you can contact her at: 994 939 028.

Source: RPP

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