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Lima Expresa on road leaks

Since Thursday, leaks have been reported at the height of the Trujillo Bridge | Fountain: express lime

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Leaks that occurred in one of the retaining walls of the Evitamiento road do not affect its structure and do not crack. This was announced by Pablo Pascutini, COO Express Lime, who called on the population to calm down after what happened in Trujillo Bridge.

“The structure was not damaged. These are normal leaks that can occur in a concrete wall, but they are not cracks. It is critical that cracks be found because that means the infrastructure is being impacted and it would be different. In any case, we leave the 7/24 team on standby in case there is any more leak, ”he commented in an interview with the program. real time from PTR.

Pascutini explained these leaks may continue to appear until all points are closed. However, he clarified that they are not found in all avoidance path.

“The place is exactly at the point where, due to the characteristic of the tunnel at the place where there is a beam, a traverse to reduce the speed of the water, this wave occurs, and this causes a small leakage,” he explained. On the other hand, he stated, that the river level is calm and the situation is under control.In this sense, he pointed out that the construction of the entire protection zone supports about 300 cubic meters per second.

The official also clarified some details of what he will do. express lime in case of overflow, as happened in 2017.

“Our procedures tell us that if we reach 300 cubic meters, we need to close the tunnel. For any overflow of water on the avoiding road, procedures should close it and select alternative roads,” he added.

Leaks have been fixed

Last night, Thursday, citizens reported that in through avoidanceat the height of the Trujillo Bridge, in Cercado de Lima, one of the retaining walls was leaking water from the Rimac River, which, according to Senamha, increased its flow to a dangerous level.

In the specified part way of avoidance, up to 8 leaks can be detected. However, via Twitter, the company that manages the concession on the Línea Amarilla expressway said it had resolved the issue.

On the eve of said works on the retaining wall, Nestor de la Rosa, mayor of the Rimac district, demanded that the said road be “immediately closed” so that citizens would not be endangered.

Source: RPP

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