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Roskosmos announced the damage to the skin of the Soyuz spacecraft on the ISS

Photo: Roscosmos

For now, all the systems of the ISS and the ship are working normally, the crew is safe, according to the Russian state corporation.

On the Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-22, part of the International Space Station, the outer skin of the instrument-aggregate compartment was damaged. This was announced by Roscosmos on Thursday, December 15.

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“A visual inspection confirmed the leak, after which it was decided to interrupt the planned work on extravehicular activities of the crew members of the Russian segment of the International Space Station Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin,” the message said.

The Russian corporation says that as long as all the systems of the ISS and the ship are working normally, the crew is safe. Experts began studying images of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft, where there was a leak in the cooling system.

“To establish the causes of the incident, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina, using a camera on a manipulator mounted on a multifunctional module of the laboratory, photographed and filmed the outer surface of the ship,” said of the press service.

Roscosmos added that after evaluating the situation, a decision will be made on further actions by both Earth specialists and the crew of the Russian segment of the ISS.

Earlier on Thursday, it became known about the cancellation of the spacewalk from the ISS by Russian cosmonauts for technical reasons. The mission control center made such a decision in connection with the depressurization of the external circuit of the cooling system of the Soyuz spacecraft docked at the station.

This is the second consecutive space job transfer under the Russian program. On November 25, the astronauts could not complete the task due to the abnormal operation of the pumps in the cooling system of one of the spacesuits.

Russia will leave the ISS after 2024

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