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Mars will destroy its own satellite – scientists

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As a result, this may lead to the fact that the remnants of a celestial body will create rings around the Red Planet, like on Saturn.

Scientists believe that Mars, under the influence of strong gravitational forces, is tearing its own satellite Phobos apart. This is reported by Live Science.

Researchers have discovered that the unusual grooves covering the surface of Phobos, once thought to be scars from an asteroid impact, are actually dust-filled canyons that expand as the moon stretches under the influence of forces of gravity.

According to NASA, the Red Planet’s satellite has a diameter of about 27 kilometers and orbits the planet at a distance of 6,000 kilometers.

However, unlike the Moon, Phobos has an unstable orbit and is approaching Mars at a rate of two meters every 100 years.

So, according to scientists, the satellite will complete its death spiral and reach Mars in about 40 million years.

It was previously reported that NASA has successfully tested a heat shield for flights to Mars.

Dying InSight took the last picture of Mars

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