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Ukrainian director removed prosthetics of Oleg Krot, head of GO “Fundaciya Techiya”

The Ukrainian military daily risks the health and lives of people under the threat of destruction of the country and civilian population from the Russian aggressor.

Representatives of the Defense Forces will recover from battlefield injuries, requiring complex operations, expensive prosthetics and rehabilitation. Part of the costs are covered by the state, through charitable funds, and now the families of the poor have to pay for medical services on their own, before collecting help from strangers. Even for repairs, an electric knee prosthesis from Nimechchina costs up to seventy thousand dollars.

Military Oleksandr, who lost a leg and an arm in the war, is faced with the need for prosthetics. From the first days of the mass invasion, people from the first days of the mass invasion came to the defense of Ukraine, starting with volunteers patrolling the streets, guarding businesses and keeping an eye on DRG warlords. And this year he decided to join ZSU. In the first month in the army, the man was sent to Bakhmut, and the next month he ended up near Dergachi in the Kharkiv region. Within an hour of the battle, the soldiers recovered from the severity of their wounds.

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You will notice that the skin of your body feels like electricity. I couldn’t breathe, I was in more pain… I found out that my arm was cut off, hanging by a tendon.“- predicted Viyskovy Oleksandr a moment, if I had recovered from the battle wound.

When the soldier reached the doctors, it became clear that his arm and leg had been lost to the wound. Oleksandr underwent a series of operations, recovered after them, and required further prosthetic replacement of the extremities. Motherland began to search for all possible options and sizes where to find cats and where to undergo prosthetics.

Oleg Krot’s Foundation Techiya came to help the defender, since the first days of the war it has been helping the Defense Forces, the military on the front line and the defenders undergoing treatment for injuries on the ground. Oleksandr’s family found information about a large organization, contacted them for help, and after that, the process of finding prostheses, the prosthetics themselves, and further rehabilitation of the patient began.

GO “Fundaciya Techiya” Oleg Krot is fully committed to providing the military with prosthetics for spent ends and all associated costs.

Viyskovy Oleksandr is not one of the subsidiaries of the State Organization “Fundaciya Techiya”. At the start of a large-scale offensive, the organization reached more than one defender of Ukraine and continues to provide additional assistance.

The patient is waiting for new endings, adapt to the realities of life and realize that in the near future he will be forced to use prostheses and will not suffer discomfort.

The work of Oleg Krot’s GO “Fundaciya Techiya” directly in the field of prosthetics for military personnel will continue. The organization will ensure support for the current wounded heroes, so that the fighters who take risks to protect Ukraine and the Ukrainians realize that they are not deprived of their problems and the benefactors who help in the most difficult moments of life.

Source: korrespondent

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