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Musk announced the timing of the next Starship launch

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Musk noted that the launch pad from which the Starship was launched did not require repairs and was in excellent condition.

The founder of the rocket developer SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that the third launch of the super-heavy Starship rocket, created for missions to the Moon and Mars, could take place in three to four weeks.

According to him, the launch pad where the Starship was launched does not need repairs and is in excellent condition.

We remind you that SpaceX on Saturday conducted the second launch of the Starship rocket from the company’s Starbase launch pad in Boca Chica in southeast Texas. During the flight, the rocket’s first stage exploded in the air after separation, and communication with the ship was lost approximately 10 minutes after launch.

The reusable rocket system consists of the Ship 25 spacecraft and the Super Heavy launch vehicle. Its height reached 122 m, it was higher than any other rocket created. The Super Heavy is twice as powerful as the heavy Space Launch System rocket that NASA built for manned flights to the Moon. The test flight was conducted in unmanned mode. It was planned that on the first flight the rocket would make an incomplete orbit around the Earth. Then Ship 25 was supposed to splash down in the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands.

As you know, the first test flight of the Starship, made in April, ended in failure. After launch, the ship was not separated from the carrier, and at the behest of Spacex, the massive rocket self-destructed in the Gulf of Mexico after four minutes of flight.

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