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Scientists have reconstructed the face of a European woman who lived 4,200 years ago

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The woman died at the age of 20 due to illness or malnutrition. His skeleton was discovered by archaeologists on the territory of modern Scotland.

In Scotland, scientists have unveiled the reconstructed face of a local woman who died 4,200 years ago. The work shows what it might have looked like in the early Bronze Age, Live Science reports.

The woman’s remains remained buried for thousands of years until her skeleton was discovered by archaeologists in a quarry in what is now Scotland.

The reconstruction is on display at the Kilmartin Museum in Scotland. It shows a young woman with dark braided hair, wearing a deerskin dress.

Based on an examination of the skeleton and teeth, scientists determined that the woman likely died in her 20s due to illness or malnutrition. According to the museum, radiocarbon dating showed that he lived between 1500 and 2200 BC during the Early Bronze Age. A study of different isotopes, or versions of strontium and oxygen, in his remains suggested that he grew up in Scotland, but the team was unable to obtain his DNA, hence the color of his skin and hair is not known.

To reconstruct the Upper Largie woman, her skull was scanned using computed tomography (CT), then 3D printed in Scotland.

The woman’s remains were reburied in the same position and orientation in which she was likely buried 4,000 years ago.

It was previously reported that an ancient settlement dating back to the 4th millennium BC was found in the Lviv region. e.

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