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The disk of a black hole was created for the first time in a laboratory on Earth

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New experiments studying the behavior of plasma could help create thermonuclear energy on Earth.

Scientists at Imperial College London, UK, have created the first accretion disk of a black hole in a laboratory. The disk is made of plasma, with the help of which black holes gain their mass and grow to incredible sizes, writes Space.

“So far, it is known that such disks appear when a black hole, with the help of its gravity, attracts stars, gas clouds and other objects that fell into the zone of influence of a space monster . As a result, everything matters. It starts to rotate around the black hole, it heats up a lot and the electrons in the atoms are separated. This is how the gas becomes plasma, which is held in the disk by the rotation of the black hole hole and its gravity,” the experts noted.

According to them, sometimes the accretion disk stops its steady rotation and part of the plasma gets inside the black hole.

“We used a special device in which we placed a hot plasma and made it rotate in a ring at a very high speed. It turned out that the inner plasma flow, which is closer to the center, rotates faster , which confirms existing theories,” the scientists added.

It is noted that the accretion disk of a black hole ceases to rotate stably over time due to the influence of the magnetic field. So part of the plasma begins to fall into the black hole. So far, this theory has not been tested, but a new study may show whether scientists are right or not.

Understanding the behavior of black hole accretion disks will help better understand how black holes gain mass and grow, the researchers say.

Recall that earlier the magnetism of a black hole was taken for the first time.

New unique black hole discovered
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