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A unique image was taken by a NASA spacecraft near the moon

Image: Space

Danuri took a photo of LRO engulfed by the sun. The probes are at a distance of 18 km from each other.

The South Korean spacecraft Danuri flew close to the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and took unusual pictures, writes Space.

He used his ShadowCam camera, created by NASA scientists. Thus, the device recorded at a speed of 11 thousand km / h the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which is flying.

“Particularly important among its instruments is the ShadowCam camera, created by NASA scientists, which is capable of taking pictures of craters on the Moon that do not get sunlight. This was made possible by the fact that the camera collects light reflected from other landforms on the moon, as well as light reflected from our planet, called the glow of the Earth,” the message said.

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Recall that early astronomers discovered two potentially habitable exoplanets located 16 light years away from us.

Astronomers have discovered a new planet
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