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The International Space Station will continue to operate until 2030.

The International Space Station is distinguished by the participation of many countries, except China. | Fountain: POT

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The partners of the International Space Station have pledged to extend the operation of the manned orbital complex for 22 years, although not for the same period.

USA, Japan, Canada and countries participating in WHAT confirmed that they will support the continued operation of the space station until 2030 and Russia confirmed that he would support the continued operation of the station until 2028.

POT In a statement, he added that he will continue to work with his partner agencies “to ensure a seamless presence in low Earth orbit and a safe and orderly transition from the space station to commercial platforms in the future.”

More than two decades in the orbit of the planet

Since its launch in 1998 international space station It was attended by 266 people from 20 countries and is one of the most complex international projects ever undertaken.

Russia announced in 2022 that it would be abandoning the station by 2024 to focus on its own orbital facility, but its preliminary design has yet to be submitted. Moreover, the invasion Ukraine To Russia further complicate the continuity Roscosmos on a mission.

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Source: RPP

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