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Twitter is taking action and removing the blue tick from accounts that don’t pay for a blue subscription.

Twitter has begun removing the blue confirmation check from non-Twitter Blue accounts. | Fountain: Hide

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Twitter continues to change radically under the leadership Elon Musk and, as previously announced, it has already begun to remove the famous “blue tick” from accounts unrelated to its subscription service. Blue. The social network has decided to remove signs proving that an account is real or official from celebrities, journalists and other relevant characters on the platform if they do not have Twitter Blue.

As the chain notes CNNsome of the accounts no longer marked with a blue checkmark belong to Pope Franciscochancellor of germany Olaf Scholz And Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary of NATO. However, there are already thousands of accounts that have been stripped of the Blue Check since the measure was put into effect this Thursday, April 20th.

Elon Musk’s new Twitter measure

While the initial implementation of the new account verification system for Twitter This turned out to be a major problem due to the huge number of fake accounts that claimed the “blue check” by paying $8 for a subscription service, the digital platform seems to have solved this problem with the introduction of gold stamps for the official accounts of companies and celebrities.

The tech firm previously said it would “begin to reduce” blue checks that were issued under its previous account verification system, which was aimed at protecting important users from the risk of phishing, starting Dec. 1. April. Elon Musk -the current CEO of the company- said that in order to remain verified, users will have to pay $8 per month Twitter Bluea subscription service that has been providing this benefit since December 2022.

A week ago Musk tweeted that “The deadline to remove obsolete blue checkmarks is 4/20″..

Equality between celebrities and ordinary Twitter users, according to Musk

Administration decision Elon Musk about this checkmarked change reflects the platform’s intent to change the experience of its users, but this time it goes even further and deals with high-profile accounts that have long been an important selling point for the social network. .

The tycoon introduced changes to the verification system Twitter previously with the goal of treating both regular platform users and celebrities equally. “There should be no other standard for celebrities”, said the businessman. It is important to emphasize that the subscription service Twitter Blue This is a way to generate income that is in a delicate financial position after debt Musk acquire it and other failures in its management.

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