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A giant tornado arose in the sun

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To date, scientists have not yet precisely understood the nature of such formations on the Sun.

For several days, NASA’s SDO spacecraft has been monitoring plasma ejecting from the Sun’s surface, like a tornado near our star’s North Pole. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The phenomenon took place from 15 to 18 March. The height of the “tornado” reaches 120 thousand km, which is about 10 times the size of the Earth, and the speed of the plasma flow is about 500 thousand km / h.

According to scientists, “solar tornadoes” appear due to spiraling magnetic structures that rise from the inner parts of the Sun and attach to the surface of the star.

The plasma column is called a prominence, it emerges from within the magnetic structure and moves with the spiral magnetic field.

“Such plasma vortices are somehow connected to a change in the direction of the Sun’s magnetic field, which occurs once every 11-year solar cycle. Until now, it has not been possible to accurately understand the nature of such formation on the Sun. Why do these vortices form only in the polar region and why do they have this periodicity of appearance? We have not yet found answers to these questions, “said the scientists.

Recall that early astronomers using the telescope at the Inter-American Observatory of Cerro Tololo, Chile, for the first time discovered a binary star system that produces gold, platinum and uranium when it explodes.

NASA’s spacecraft showed a plasma explosion on the Sun

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