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MWC 2023: HONOR to unveil its new Magic 5 and global version of the foldable Magic Vs

HONOR prepares an update to its Magic saga whose Magic4 model is still valid | Font: PTR

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The Mobile World Congress is already starting to take shape and HONOR is one of the brands that will push for more exposure during the days of the Barcelona Expo. In 2023, the Chinese brand will continue to distance itself from Huawei after gaining independence in 2020 and will introduce a new version of its premium MAGIC series: we are talking about Magic5 and foldable Vs.

HONOR has announced on its social media accounts that the launch of these devices will take place on February 27 at 13:30 pm in Barcelona (7:30 pm Peruvian time), along with other surprises that the company may have at this meeting.

The Go Beyond the Galaxy ad, a clear nod to Samsung’s premium lineup, will focus on the evolution of two weight segments for HONOR: on the one hand, the Magic4 Pro proved to be a solvent team in the premium range thanks to its high performance, symmetrical fast charging and “eye of the muse”, the name , which was named for its circular arrangement of cameras.

On the other side, magic vs. it will be available in the international market and will come with more reliable software. In our brief contact, we noticed that it has a good construction finish, and that it features a more efficient loading system and fewer parts in the hinge.

“With the forthcoming release of the HONOR Magic5 Series, the newest member of the flagship Magic Series devices, HONOR will unleash the power of magic to “transcend the galaxy.” This smartphone is packed with features that will provide an intelligent experience for consumers. More information about the HONOR Magic5 series will be available very soon.” HONOR notes in a statement.

HONOR Magic5: what to expect

VIDEO: HONOR Announces Magic5 at MWC 2023

VIDEO: HONOR Announces Magic5 at MWC 2023 | Font: PTR

Already in November, Qualcomm announced that HONOR was part of a customer base interested in including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor in its premium catalog, so we take it for granted that this integrated module will be under the chassis.

Compared to the Magic4 Pro, we expect a BOE-made LPTO OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, IP68 certification, and a circular camera array that adds Sony-made IMX sensors and a 100x zoom range.

Other previously leaked data shows a possible “Lite” model with a Snapdragon 695 processor and 5G technology, although it is possible that it could appear in the region under a different name. According to reports, we are talking about a device with Magic UI 6.1 based on Android 12, 6 GB of RAM and a minimum storage of 128 GB.

NIUSGEEK will have access to these new smartphones during MWC 2023, so we remind you to keep an eye on our coverage on the RPP multi-platform and through our social media accounts.

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