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NASA and ESA reveal how their plan to collect soil samples on Mars works

As part of this project, NASA and ESA hope to obtain samples of Martian soil for automatic study. | Font: ESA/NASA

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POT and WHICHspace agencies state joined D Europe accordingly, maintain the union in the form Mars sample return program. This project aims to return Martian soil samples to Earth It can be achieved without human intervention and is considered one of the most important in history today due to its ambitious nature and the many benefits it can bring to exploration of the elusive “red planet”.

Although some details of this plan have been previously revealed by space agencies, a new report published on the official website WHICH provided additional information on how Mars sample return program. This mission will involve sending a robotic arm about 2.5 meters long to a designated planet. The device has a number of sensors, two chambers and a clamp for collecting sample capsules.

A robotic arm will carry tubes filled with sample capsules to a rocket that will launch into space. Earth. To achieve this feat, you will need to bring these items to the spaceship. Mars ascent vehicle.

The most ambitious project of NASA and ESA

According to what European Space Agency in your post “The sample transfer arm is designed to be self-contained, highly reliable and durable”. Except WHICH means the robot can “perform a wide range of motion with seven degrees of freedom”.

During some time POT collected samples in Mars using the rover perseverance, but there is still a huge amount of items to collect on the Martian earth. robotic arm Mars sample return program it will also be looking for some samples that have been abandoned near the lander by Ingenuity helicopters.

Long-term mission to unravel the mysteries of Mars

In addition to the explanation, the report WHICH included an animated video where you can see the work of the robotic arm Sample Recovery Lander collection of soil samples Mars. After this process, it is inserted into the sample repository Mars ascent vehicle and, once collection is complete, the vehicle will be sent into orbit where it will be recovered Return to Earth Orbiter.

Although this plan is still far from being realized, POT and WHICH expect to run Return to Earth Orbiter will take place in 2027. On the other side, Sample Recovery Lander it will still take until 2028. After the rendezvous of the Mars ascent vehicle with the Earth Return Orbiter, NASA and ESA expect to receive the first samples by this method on Earth in 2033 for further analysis.

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