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Named the smartest dog breed

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These animals have well-developed cognitive characteristics that facilitate training, and sense of smell.

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have identified the smartest dog breed in the world. The Wrussels Times wrote it.

To determine the dog breed with the highest level of intelligence, researchers gave 1,002 dogs from 13 different breeds a series of cognitive and behavioral tasks.

The absolute leader is the Belgian Shepherd Malinois or Mechelaar.

It’s worth noting that vet Bart Stegen said he wasn’t surprised.

“In terms of intelligence, two breeds stand out: the Malinois and the Border Collie. Both breeds were originally used on farms to herd flocks. It requires self-control. The decades of natural that choice only strengthened that self-control,” he said. .

As you know, the Malinois is one of the most famous police dogs in the world:

“Their cognitive characteristics make them easy to train. In addition, they have a well-developed sense of smell, better than a border collie,” said the expert.

Image: Wikipedia


Also included in the rating is a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. These dog breeds are good at interpreting human actions.

Remember that early experts named the most intelligent breed of cats with a relatively small brain, but at the same time they have a high level of emotional intelligence and adaptability.

The smartest dog in the world has died in the US

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