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NASA wants to build a giant oxygen pipeline on the moon and be able to colonize it

NASA’s giant pipeline called “L-SPoP” will generate food-grade oxygen at the south pole of the moon. | Font: POT

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POT continues his grand plans for the return of mankind to Moon scheduled for the end of the decade. Keep the people in the satellite Earth This is one of the long-term goals of the US space agency, and in this regard, he already has several projects to achieve it. One of the most astounding is the construction of a gigantic oxygen-producing tube on the surface of the moon.

According to what was detailed National Aeronautics and Space Administration in a recent report, this giant device is called “L-SPoP” and was born out of an alliance with the United States government, which invested a significant amount of resources in developing a method for extracting oxygen from the lunar regolith and water from the ice present on this celestial body.

NASA Moon Colonization Project

The report has more details on the end use it will have. “L-SPoP” when used in Moon. According to POToxygen will be used in human habitats, rovers, other life support equipment that has a constant supply of high purity oxygen suitable for human consumption and oxidant for vehicles that will be used to launch ships from space.

This oxygen extraction device was to be deployed on a large scale in Moon from 2024 and is expected to be able to provide direct support to astronauts who are part of the artemis program from 2026, one year after the date POT He provided a team of his choice to mark the return of humans to the Earth satellite.

Conceptual image of the giant “L-SPoP” pipeline on the lunar surface. | Font: POT

More information about NASA’s “L-SPoP”

The initial concept for this project consists of a 5 km pipeline to transport oxygen gas from a source of production of this element, such as a molten regolith electrolysis (MRE) mining site or any other. The pipeline will connect to an oxygen liquefaction and storage plant, which will be located near the base in Moon.

Once the pipeline is in place at the south pole on the lunar surface, the system will bottle oxygen into compressed gas cylinders or liquefy it and store it in other containers. Either of these two processes will require the device to transport tanks to various sites for use.

“For this NIAC Phase I project, we are proposing an end-to-end system-level design study. L-SPoP. The lunar pipeline has never been sought and will revolutionize lunar surface operations for the Artemis program and reduce costs and risk!”points to POT.

In addition, the space agency adds: “We plan to study and evaluate several system architectures for the lunar pipeline, identify supporting and enhancing technologies, and develop a comprehensive roadmap for the development of this innovative infrastructure.”.

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Source: RPP

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