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The OAS High-Level Panel issued a “call for dialogue” to politicians following the conclusion of their visit to Peru.

The day of meetings of OAS representatives ended in the capital | Font: OAS

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A high-level panel appointed by the OAS Permanent Council released a statement on Tuesday recounting meetings held during the two-day stay in the country. Document They called on all Peruvian politicians to dialogue as they work on a report based on the information collected.

“The Group will prepare a report with the relevant analysis and submit as soon as possible Permanent Council of the Organization at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., to carry out its mandate. As long as the report is prepared in a timely manner, the mission will continue to monitor the situation and it remains available to all participants.

Representatives OAS They held 27 meetings, at which, according to them, “were held in an atmosphere of cordiality and maximum respect for the Constitution”, sovereignty, the rule of law, and institutions. They also emphasized that at each meeting they received a large amount of very valuable information.

The international mission met with the President of the Republic, the Vice President and part of his Cabinet; members of the Board of Directors of the Congress; head of the judiciary and two magistrates of the Supreme Court; with the magistrates of the Constitutional Court; in National Attorney; 13 parliamentary groups represented in Congress; electoral bodies; ombudsman’s office; Peruvian Episcopal Conference; professional organizations of lawyers, journalists; central trade unions; and civil society organizations.

“The members of the Group thank the Peruvian authorities for their openness and cooperation, thanks to which the mission was able to carry out its work. In addition, they thank all the participants they met for their willingness and constructive spirit to share information and their points of view. view. view of the situation in Peru,” was the final message in the document.

“Congress is not a coup”

Congressman Alejandro Mugnante, the third vice president of parliament, indicated that he was able to speak before a high-level commission Organization of American States (OAS), who came to the country to analyze the political situation, that this state power is not set up for a coup d’état or an obstructionist position against the government, which was repeatedly pointed out by representatives of the executive branch.

within the framework of what is stated in the Constitution, we exercised political control, and this should in no way be understood as a coup d’état or an obstructionist stance on the part of Congress, ”he said in an interview. News RPP.

Source: RPP

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