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Minister of Housing and Public Utilities: the competent authorities should “do their job” to investigate the flight of the presidential aircraft

In this regard, through his Twitter account, President Pedro Castillo denied that he traveled with Fray Vasquez on the presidential plane | Font: Government

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Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Cesar Paniaguanoted from the region Lambayeque that the competent authorities should “do their job” in investigating the flight of the presidential aircraft. This came after a consultation regarding a complaint that a person identified as “Ley Vasquez Castillo” was traveling on the presidential plane.

“The President has already initially denied this through his networks. He points out that this is a lie, and I believe that the competent authorities should do their job. proceedings,” said Minister of Housing.

These statements were made during his visit to Lambaeque, where he transferred about 1,300 titles and toured the urbanization of Santa Victoria, whose residents were affected by street flooding due to a failed water source.

Escape from the presidential plane?

Last Sunday, a report titled “¿Escape on the presidential plane? portal Freedom CenterIt emerged that on the passenger list of the presidential plane’s flight to Chiclayo, the capital of the Lambayeque region, on June 23, “the name of one of the crew members registered as ‘nephew’ was highlighted.”

According to a passenger manifest obtained by a journalistic publication in accordance with the Transparency Law, there were 33 people on the plane, including government officials and members of the president’s family. The attention-getting name is the name of the person identified as Lay Vazquez Castillo with DNI 97069630, both data are missing from the registries of the National Identity and Civil Registry (Renik).

Freedom Center states in his report that he is satisfied that presidential castle he does not have a nephew with that name, and the question arises as to the possibility that it is Fray Vázquez Castillo due to the similarity of the first name and the coincidence of the last names.

Brother Vasquezunder investigation for amalgamation of an alleged criminal organization that applied for a job at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, has an arrest warrant since last March and has been burdened with 36 months of preventive detention since April of this year.

Answer from Pedro Castillo

For his part, the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, noted that “the despair for power and the delegitimization of the government now has no boundaries.”

“Now the political caste and opponents are creating lies with tabloid and servile mafia media, claiming that Brother Vasquez He was due to leave for Chiclayo on June 23 on the presidential plane. I categorically deny that Mr. Vazquez was on the presidential plane. With this deception, they want to influence governance and democracy,” he said.

Source: RPP

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