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Twitter Beef Between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jimmy Kimmel Enter Day Two –

Apparently, the Twitter run between MP Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) And talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was not a one-day romance.

The social media turmoil erupted Wednesday when a congressman called the talk show host after joking about Greene and accusing three Republican senators of “propedophilia” as they said they would vote for Supreme Court candidate Ketanji. It was approved by the Senate on Thursday 53-47.

“Wow, where’s Will Smith when he really needs you, huh?” Kimmel jokingly said that comedian Chris Rock beat her up at the Oscars.

Green, who liked social media posts about the execution of prominent Democrats, blamed Kimmel Violent threats And he claimed he reported him to U.S. Capitol police.

On Thursday, Green accused Kimmel of secretly sending a “dog whistle” following a death threat.

You are not joking. Hide your virginity and your racism behind your “jokes” @ABC.

It’s a whistle for the violent left to attack me or worse, and your provocative fantasies about violence against me.

How many new death threats will I get from your fans? https://t.co/SB37BqnxyJ

– representative. Marjorie Taylor Green (@RepMTG) April 7, 2022

Kimmel returned to volleyball and suggested that “Animal Control” was a better place to challenge him than the Capitol police.

Green then said he was receiving threats from his fans and included a call record he said was from one of his fans.

As of Thursday night, Kimmel had not yet responded to this latest message.

However, he responded to MP Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) On Twitter, who told Kimmel that Greene and his wife could indeed hit the back of the talk show host if they choose to do so (strange behavior given that he was .. annoyed).

Remember @Jimmy Kimmel: Not only does Marjorie Taylor Green’s husband have to work fast, but @RepMTG This alone will work faster than you!

Kimmel would not be long if he became interested in the heinous and unreasonable violence against this congressman. pic.twitter.com/GGtbg2kv0x

– representative. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) April 7, 2022

Kimmel’s response was harshly related to the investigation that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl: “Stay home. “The girl is Scout Cookie Season.”

Source: Huffpost

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