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Luciana Leon: Congressional Subcommittee Approves Final Report of Constitutional Complaint Against Her

Constitutional Complaint 240 was filed on March 11, 2022 by former Attorney of the Nation Zoraida Avalos | Fountain: Andean

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Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges Approved by 14 votes in favour, 1 against and 4 abstentions the final report of the constitutional complaint against the former congresswoman Luciana Leon.

Former congresswoman charged with alleged crimes of corruption for personal gain, criminal organization, wrongful passive bribery and fraudulent embezzlement by appropriation Criminal Code. All during her tenure as a parliamentarian.

Constitutional Complaint 240 was filed on March 11, 2022 by the former Attorney of the Nation Zoraida Avalos against a former APRA congressman in a letter sent to the then President of the Congress of the Republic, Maria del Carmen Alva.

Recall that the last time the complaint was considered, his lawyer Fernando Silva La Rosa He indicated that the investigation followed by his sponsor found no evidence that any influence had taken place.

“There is no evidence, elements of a guilty verdict of any official of the ministries, indicating that Ms. Leon Romero took a direct part in these works, ”he said then.

Investigation against Luciana Leon

The Punto Final report says prosecutors have in evidence against Luciana León WhatsApp conversations that reveal alleged pressure on former executive officials to get approval for works related to the municipality Victory.

According to him Public servicethe former parliamentarian “was a legal and political body responsible for providing a wide network of contacts with, and intercession with and administration of, politicians and high-ranking officials to meet the demands and needs of a criminal organization with clear economic goals.”

The prosecutor’s office is also investigating Alexander Peña Quispe as the alleged operational arm of Los Intocabel Ediles and that it was collaborating with the then mayor of La Victoria, Elias Cuba.

The former MP’s chats would show her perceived pressure to favor the commune of La Victoria for the budget of the Regional and Local Public Investment Promotion Fund (Foniprel), the state’s regional and local public investment program.

Source: RPP

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