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The Constitutional Commission archives the draft promotion of the elections for 2023 submitted by the executive branch

Early elections: Constitutional Commission rejects the government’s proposal and sends it to the archive | Fountain: Photo: Congress / Video: RPP News

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Constitutional Commission archived this Friday the 2023 Election Promotion Project presented by President Dina Boluarte. The Executive’s proposal received only 11 votes in favor, 10 against and 1 abstention. The 14 votes required to approve the issue were not collected.

The refusal of congressmen appealed to article 78 of the rules, which states that they cannot submit the same proposal on an identical issue until the next annual session period. Thus, this is already the fourth election promotion project rejected by Parliament in the last week.

“The necessary 14 votes to consider the issue have not been collected,” he said. Nano Guerra Garcia after voting in constitutional commission. So the process continues on page zero.

was optimistic

A few hours earlier, Minister of Justice José Tello assured that in his speech, after his support in congressional constitutional committee that MPs were able to listen and pay attention to the scope of the bill to indicate the progress of the elections.

“We feel that our arguments were heard and taken into account. Questions were asked from different sectors, which is important. The political opposition sectors also questioned the executive branch about its position, the electoral authorities also participated. I think it’s important for these spaces to have a dialogue with an eye on the debate, which will speed things up to the issue of early elections,” he said in press statements.

Jose Tello He acknowledged that the deadlines for clarifying these early elections are very short, but confirmed that even in the plenary Congress Some modifications may be made to the opinion arising from constitutional commission.

“The timing may be adjusted during the preparation of the final proposal, which is known as the autograph. That is, the opinion that comes out in the Constitutional Commission can be considered at the plenary session and changed there. the statement of the technical and specialized bodies, which must be taken into account, because the decisions that can be taken regarding the norm coming from the Congress are political,” he explained.

The date proposed by the executive for the general election will be Sunday, October 8th. For this, presidential and congressional mandates must end this year.

He specified that the current presidential administration will end on December 31, and the functions of parliamentarians – on December 29. In the case of the representatives of the Andean Parliament, it was decided not to change the term for which they were elected, keeping their powers until December 31, 2026.

Boluarte will not resign

José Tello reiterated at his press conference that the resignation of President Dina Boluarte was not considered, despite disagreements in Congress to reach an agreement.

“The President has made it clear that he will not resign. In December, many fellow journalists asked the same question. She especially believed that Congress should come to an understanding in order to reach a consensus on this issue,” he said.

Source: RPP

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