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The Government has authorized the transfer of over S$22 million to the Ministry for the purchase of riot control equipment.

The budget will be allocated to police personnel DIROPES PNP | Font: EFE | Photographer: Paolo Aguilar

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The executive branch approved the transfer of more than 22 million soles to the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) for the acquisition of “protective equipment for the National Police of Peru (PNP), per diem and meals (cold ranch).”

The transfer of this budget line was approved by a supreme decree published today in an extraordinary issue of the Official Gazette El Peruano. This Decree is signed by the President of the Republic Dina Boluarte and the Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras.

Under the state of emergency

The aforementioned legal provision states that C/22 million 905 thousand 298 will be handed over to the Minister, especially for Diropa police officers, within the framework of the state of emergency declared in the departments Fist, Cusco, Limein the constitutional province Callao and three other provinces of the country.

As a reminder, on January 15, the executive branch declared a state of emergency for thirty days in the above-mentioned jurisdictions, in addition to the province Andahailas department Apurimacin the provinces of Tambopata and Tahuamanu in the department Mother of Godand in the area of TorataMariscal Nieto Province Department Moquegua.

The mentioned rules also stated that about five highways in National road network The following locations have been declared under a state of emergency for the same time period: Panamericana Sur, Panamericana Norte, Central Highway, South Apurímac-Cusco-Arequipa Road Corridor and Interoceanic Road Corridor.

In all of these jurisdictions, it was established that the Peruvian National Police would maintain “control of internal order with the support of the armed forces”. The measure was ordered as part of the current socio-political crisis that the country has been experiencing since December 7 last year, when protesters demand the president’s resignation. Dina Boluarte and calling for new general elections.

Source: RPP

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