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They file a constitutional complaint against Dina Boluarte, Alberto Otarola and Vicente Romero for their actions during the protests.

Ruth Luke denounced “serious violations of human rights”. | Font: Photo: Presidency

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congresswoman Ruth Luke filed a constitutional complaint against the president Dina Boluartefirst Alberto Otarola and Minister of the Interior Vincent Romerobefore the protests registered in the country and “serious violations of human rights” occurred in Cusco, Arequipa, Puno and at the University of San Marcos in Lima.

Among other reasons, the legislator Democratic change accuses the president and ministers of human rights violations during protests. In this regard, we recall that it was recently reported that two deaths in the Arequipa area were joined by a new death that occurred during the capture of the Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon airport.

In Cusco, Luque warns that various videos show “excessive use of force” by the police, which could be linked to 56 injured and one death. Meanwhile, in Puno, more than 20 people have died as a result of demonstrations in the region’s two largest cities.

This new constitutional condemnation is added to the fact that the same congresswoman from Democratic change filed earlier this year against the president and members of her first cabinet as a result of the deaths during the protests that took place in December last year in various regions of the country.

This time the complaint filed in Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges attributed to alleged violations of the constitution and alleged liability of former ministers Pedro Angulo, Alberto Otarola D Cesar Cervantes in the crimes of qualified murder and grievous bodily harm.

According to MP Lukethe defendants would be liable for violating various articles of the Magna Carta, which should govern the use of their powers “in the highest spheres of decision-making in matters of the use of the police and the armed forces.”

“The defendants, by virtue of their status as President, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Council of Ministers, are in the state apparatus in the highest spheres of decision-making in matters of the use of the police and the armed forces, therefore, the orders they issue or receive will be mandatory compliance by people in the grassroots spheres, and by the police and military agents themselves who carried out the operation,” the document says.

The prosecutor’s office began proceedings on the death of people at the protests

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade ordered preliminary investigation Following complaints filed against President Dina Boluarte, the Prime Minister Alberto Otarola and former Minister of the Interior, Cesar Cervantesdue to the deaths recorded during the protests that followed in different parts of the country in December 2022.

National Prosecutor’s Office explained that the complaint against Otarola corresponds to his status Minister of Defense From the first Office of Dina Boluarte. Through their Twitter account, they clarified that the complaints are aimed at investigating deaths that occurred during demonstrations that took place in December 2022.

In this regard, the President Dina Boluarte welcomed the decision public service initiate preliminary proceedings on the facts that occurred during the demonstrations. The president also assured that she would give all the appropriate opportunities “for prompt clarification of the events” that occurred in the first weeks of her reign.

Dina Boluarte took over President of the Republic December 7, after his predecessor, the former President Pedro Castillowill order an arbitrary closure of Congress and a reorganization of the justice system.

days after guess Boluarte Zegarranumerous demonstrations took place in the interior of the country, resulting in more than twenty deaths and dozens injured between demonstrators and police, as well as blockades of the main national roads.

According to the ombudsman’s office, as a result of clashes with law enforcement officers, 22 people died, and as a result of traffic accidents and events related to road closures, six. In general, social upheavals have so far left the balance 28 deaths.


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Source: RPP

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