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Google’s ingenious Fast Pair for Android in a new version for more devices

Setting up Bluetooth accessories particularly convenient is possible with Fast Pair. Now Google better the function for many users.

Fast Pair: Some time ago, Google also introduced a system for Android smartphones that enables the connection to Bluetooth accessories to be particularly quick and convenient. You can simply switch on new accessories, and your smartphone will suggest a connection or initial setup. Fast Pair is not entirely new for a long time. However, there is a new interface and it is also available for other devices from other manufacturers.

Of course, Fast Pair now also with Fitbit hardware

The new popup, which was first introduced with the Pixel Buds, is now also appearing on more and more third-party hardware. This includes, for example, headphones from Bose and OnePlus, but also Fitbit smartwatches (now part of Google). If you are setting up a connection for the first time, a popup appears on the smartphone display because your device has noticed the new hardware in its vicinity. A bit like magic.

At first, Fast Pair only appeared as a notification and could therefore easily be overlooked by the user. The new variant is more eye-catching, but therefore also better suited for more users. You are practically taken by the hand to set up new Bluetooth accessories on your smartphone. For a long time, Android lacked such simple user control in many areas, as Apple’s iOS performed significantly better for several years.

Most Bluetooth hardware today should support Fast Pair. Google seems to have gradually introduced the new interface. You will see when you connect new devices to your Android smartphone for the first time. Google presented Fast Pair in 2018, followed a year later by a first major upgrade and then it was quiet for the time being.


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