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Taras Poplar tells how a colleague saved his children

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The performer admitted that he met him about three years ago, when a man was saving children in the department of infectious diseases.

Taras Topolya continues to defend Ukraine as a paramedic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told how a colleague with the call sign “Batya” saved his children in the department of infectious diseases. The artist shared it on his Instagram page.

So, the leader of the Antitila group posted a photo on the social network and said that now the acquaintance of the musician in front does not work as a doctor, but everyone in the battalion knows that he can save them from death.

“Dad” saved our children from infectious diseases. It was three years ago. I remember how we suffered together with my beloved, when the children had a temperature of 40, vomiting and no one helped. Two weeks later, the “Bati” department made the children stand up. In the war, “Dad” also saved the children. And old men, and little children, occupying their difficult, but relatively peaceful lives in the background. Although officially his position in the company is not a doctor, everyone knows that “Batya” knows how to do it for a living,” said Taras Topolya.

Earlier it was reported that Taras Topolya spoke about the most terrible situations at the front.

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