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Zelenskaya said what it meant to be Ukrainian during the war

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He again added that war has a woman’s face, because our women are everywhere in this war.

Ukraine’s first lady, Elena Zelenskaya, spoke about what it means to be Ukrainian today. Vladimir Zelensky’s wife gave an interview to the German edition of Die Welt.

“Being a Ukrainian today means constantly fighting for having the right to be with everyone. Just for the right to exist. And not for the first time in our history. Of course, it is better if being a Ukrainian means living simply , raising children, development of the country and culture, as people do in the EU. So we hope that after our success it will be so, “said the wife of the Ukrainian leader.

Also, according to him, now many are switching to the Ukrainian language, because they do not want to have anything to do with the aggressors.

“At the same time, young women and men, who always speak and still speak Russian, are fighting for Ukraine on the front lines. And no one has the right to dictate to them in what language to express their love for motherland. It was and will be so. I think when a perpetrator wants to attack, in the end he doesn’t care what language the victim speaks. The example of the destroyed Mariupol proves this. It seems like an unfortunate one. assertion that the rape was due to the miniskirt. A horrible attempt at justification-the rapes were due to the rapists “said Zelenskaya.

He again added that war has a woman’s face, because our women are everywhere in this war.

“In all fields. I spoke about it recently at the Women in Conflict conference, founded by human rights activist Nadiya Murad, who survived torture and slavery at the hands of the Islamic State terrorist group – but did not give up Ukrainian women-and there are approximately two of them a million more than Ukrainian men are now experiencing horrible.But they are not passive victims, as each of them has its own history of resistance .Most of our doctors and teachers are women, “said the first woman.

We will recall, earlier Zelenskaya explicitly stated why he stayed in Ukraine during the war.

Elena Zelenskaya called out her fear

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