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The star of Women’s Quarter complained about health problems

The star of Women’s Quarter complained about health problems


Because of fear, the artist did not dare to undergo an endoscopy for a year – an examination of internal organs using an endoscope.

Women’s Quarter star Tatyana Pesik complained of serious health problems. He announced it on Instagram.

According to the actress, she finally decided to see a doctor and undergo an endoscopy. He needed this procedure about a year ago, but he was afraid to go to the doctors.

“I’m going to have an endoscopy, I’m so scared… I can’t swallow the pill, and the hose has no idea almost a year to do this procedure,” the star shared.

In the end, the celebrity did the procedure. It turned out that he had gastritis and stagnation of bile in the intestine.

“I did it… My hands were shaking, they saw the fear in my eyes, they even locked the door so I wouldn’t run away. Thanks to the doctor who set me up with the right gastritis and bile in my intestines” I also did an ultrasound and donated blood,” added Tatyana Pesik.

It was previously reported that the star of Women’s Quarter, actress Tatyana Pesik shared a shot of an amazing photo shoot on Instagram.

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Source: korrespondent

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