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Queer horror with toxic fandom? We have!

In “Faceless After Dark”, Bowie is tormented after her breakout role in a killer clown film

“Faceless After Dark” (USA, 2023) Bowie (Jenna Kanell, “Terrifier”) finds himself dealing with a toxic fandom after his breakout role in a killer clown film. Her partner Jessica (Danielle Lyn) is set to leave for a huge role in London. As Bowie spends time alone, she begins working on her own script.

Right at the beginning, the work makes some interesting comments when it comes to haters on social media, or just those who ask for strange things from celebrities. Once a stranger appears in Bowie’s living room, wearing a clown mask, the film takes a hard turn into new territory.

The clown is no longer simply an entity in a film she made; rather, the clown represents a physical manifestation of everything Bowie has been trying to overcome. Director Raymond Wood gives genre fans what they want, including bloody murders and chase scenes, but Bowie’s story keeps the lifeblood flowing through a disturbing endgame.

While balancing the fine line between art and artist, the film manages to highlight the dangerous lines people cross when it comes to fandom. So did the unfair pressure that piled on rising stars.

With hints of “MeninaMá.Com” and “Bliss”, “Faceless After Dark” surprisingly becomes a rape revenge film, but without the rape, presenting feminist ideas in a toxic world. Bowie sees himself as a Dexter, a vigilante movie actress.

Director Raymond Wood mounts stylized, purple-lit sequences that evoke the kind of films Bowie was in but also suggest something more elegant, fragmentary, and politically motivated. Faceless After Dark gets into a lot of interesting discussions about a number of topics that relate to horror on and off screen.

*Eduardo de Assumpção is a journalist and responsible for the blog cinematografiaqueer.blogspot.com
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