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Actor Yevgeny Yanovich said he was ready to go to the front

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The showman admitted that he sometimes feels guilty for being in the back, while others are in the front. Therefore, the actor admitted that he is also ready to join the war if there is a summons.

Ukrainian actor and comedian Yevgeny Yanovich admitted that he is ready to go to the front if he receives a summons. He said this in an interview with Masha Efrosinina.

He stressed that a new mobilization law will soon come into effect. Therefore, the showman, as a law-abiding citizen, plans to visit the military registration and enlistment office and update his data. And if he receives a summons, he will take up arms.

“Now I’m slowly getting to the point… The mobilization law was signed by Vladimir Alexandrovich, and now, when the next wave of mobilization is announced, every citizen of military age has 60 days to- update their data in TCC and the like. I will do this as a law-abiding citizen And if it turns out that I am called a summons, then that’s it, I’m ready to go there, because no matter what you do, you still. have this feeling that you are “not until…” the highest thing you can give is to put your life on the scale and go to defend in the literal sense, “said Yanovich.

According to him, many will say that he is already doing a lot for Ukraine. However, the comedian said he still feels guilty.

“I know that many people will say: Zhenya, you are doing a lot here, I understand everything, the military also tells me about it to some extent will affect you gaping from the inside Therefore, my mission right now is here, where I am now, in the library, creating some good things, collecting, etc. But I fully assume that it should be the same in the front,” he added.

It was previously reported that YARMAK spoke about men fleeing the mobilization.

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