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Venice Biennale invites Brazilians to curate its exhibition

Adriano Pedrosa will be the first South American to select the largest art exhibition in the world

The Venice Biennale, Italy, has 130 years of history and, this year, welcomes Adriano Pedrosa, artistic director of MASP, as the first Brazilian and South American to be invited to curate the largest art exhibition in the world.

Under the title “Stranieri Ovunque” (Foreigners Everywhere), Pedrosa aims to decolonize, diversify and re-examine 20th century art history in 2024. This is a bold, courageous and singular task, evidenced by Pedrosa’s trajectory, whose distinctive features are fully manifested in Venice today.

The controversial exhibition exclusively for foreigners at Panorama at MAM in São Paulo, in 2009, and the Indigenous and LGBT+ Stories at MASP, both under his curation, highlight the importance of Brazilian culture, often cannibalized by foreigners.

“Mamõyguara opá mamõ pupé”, a translation into Old Tupi of the expression “foreigners everywhere” by Paris-based artist collective Claire Fontaine, is the title of the 60th Biennale today. “

With more than 300 artists from 90 countries divided between the historical and contemporary core, in addition to several parallel exhibitions, the Biennale presents a significant presence of Brazilians, indigenous people, foreigners naturalized Brazilians and many modernists.

It is a celebration of Brazilian art and culture, with the presence of artists once ignored in their time. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are also present, representing more than a simple tribute.

By Ezatamentchy

Source: Maxima

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