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Musical project rescues female presence in music

Musical project rescues female presence in music

Rachel Cossermelli launches “Feminine Fractal Vol. 1: Dolores Duran” on a journey of historic empowerment

To shine a light on the legacy of forgotten composers in the history of 20th century Brazilian music, Rachel Cossermelli launched the long-awaited project “Fractal Feminino Vol. 1: Dolores Duran” after three years of dedication.

This work, symbolizing the first part of a broader project, aims to pay homage to female artists who have been made invisible throughout the history of Brazilian music. Conceived independently, the project was supported by crowdfunding and Rachel’s own work as a backing vocalist.

The inspiration for this album came during Rachel’s studies, when she noticed the scarcity of information about the female presence in music of that period. Delving into the work of Dolores Duran, a figure often overlooked in favor of her male counterparts, Rachel felt the need to reclaim her voice and songwriting.

The album follows a wave narrative, talking about a relationship through the organization of the tracks. Thus, the album opens with “Falsos Amigos”, a song that talks about a person in a passionate relationship, but who does not have the support of their friends. Next, “Por Causa de Você” arrives as a lighter ballad that talks about longing and distance. The third song, “Olha O Tempo Passando” says a lot about watching time pass on a path of no return. “Se É Por Nunca de Adeus” already leads the narrative towards an end, where the outburst takes place. Finally, “Fim de Caso” puts an end to this story, ending the album with “Estrada do Sol”, which talks about new paths and a dawn after the storm.

Mari Merenda appears alongside Rachel in “Estrada do Sol”, Loreta Colucci participates in “Falsos Amigos”, Zi Vasconcellos arrives for “Fim de Caso” and, finally, Tamiris Silveira is the one who plays the piano in both “Estrada do Sol” as well as in “Olha o Tempo Passando”. All the artists studied together at music college, reinforcing the partnership and connection between them.

“Mari has always been on my mind in the three years I’ve been trying to make this album happen, she has a unique musicality. As for Loreta, the way she acts on top of Dolores’ lyrics was a beautiful thing to see in the studio. Zi, a dear friend who has been following this project since the beginning, brought the arrangement of the voices for “Fim de Caso” together with me, and Tamiris is the best pianist I know”, he says.

The album cover, designed by Rachel herself, visually represents the concept of fractal present in the project’s title. Merging the faces of Rachel and Dolores Duran, the image symbolizes the continuity and interconnection between the women who shaped the history of Brazilian music.

This project not only celebrates the legacy of Dolores Duran, but also highlights the importance of recognizing and honoring the contributions of women in music by rescuing their voices from historical obscurity.

Source: Maxima

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