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Singer MamaRika hinted at divorcing her husband

Photo: instagram.com/serega_sereda

MamaRika and Sergey Sereda have been in a relationship for about 9 years, but the couple has only been married for four years. They have a son, David.

Ukrainian singer MamaRika has admitted that she is experiencing problems in her relationship with her husband, comedian Sergei Sereda.

On his Instagram page, the artist published a video of the lyrical composition let’s go and told fans that their family was going through a very difficult time.

“I happened to highlight every phase of our life in my songs. I really want to tell you that let’s go – it’s a track about an experience we went through once, and everything was fine. Unfortunately not. Everything is happening now, In this moment, in this second. All our pain and all our conflicts have resulted from this work. I’m sure it will touch the hearts of many, because many families, many couples have gone through such crises. It is very difficult to cope with the conditions in which we live. Some suffer in silence, others try to save the situation,” he wrote.

MamaRika added, they don’t want to give up, so they are doing everything to save the family.

Earlier it was reported that for the first time after breaking off the relationship with the lawyer Yevgeny Pronin, a new romance began with the Ukrainian presenter and blogger Ramina Eskhakzai.

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