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Mazda CX-30 updated

It’s not that we didn’t expect this from Mazda, but, frankly, we expected something different. More common, perhaps.

After all, how often does it happen when some good Mazda gets another update? That’s right, he’s even cuter!

As a rule, the algorithm by which Mazda creates additional beauty is quite predictable. A slightly different design of headlights, subtle changes in the shape of the bumper, painting of protective plastic in body color. This is not bad, quite the contrary, we just got used to it.

But this time, perhaps Mazda’s most attractive compact crossover, the CX-30, is getting an update. And everyone who has seen it, especially live, fully understands: it is difficult to make a star with such brightness brighter.

So Mazda shifted its focus a bit, and the results exceeded expectations. You approach a seemingly familiar model, open the door, and… it takes away your speech! Not forever, of course, but a few seconds of sincere surprise are guaranteed. Is this really a Mazda CX-30? Yes, that’s him. Or rather, the new Sport Black trim level, which offers a completely different interior.

Don’t expect the traditional combination of black and red, which, frankly, is a bit on the nose. It turns out that black perfectly harmonizes with terracotta – this is the color obtained by the eco-leather seats of the Mazda CX-30 Sport Black. And black is chosen for suede, which is used not only for the seats in the places where they contact the body (by the way, a very smart decision), but also for the dashboard. This detail is largely responsible for the incredible feeling of luxury inside the CX-30. You can’t help but note that suede was chosen to trim the panel of the most expensive trim level of Mazda’s flagship, the CX-90 crossover.

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Having admired the luxurious finish, you notice that the central display seems to have grown. That’s right: now in all trim levels of the Mazda CX-30, the MZD Connect multimedia system with HMI commander offers a 10.25″ TFT color monitor instead of 8.8″. Navigation is also included on all trim levels. Actually, the configurations with the update have changed a lot, so let’s pay a little attention to these changes.

So, the updated Mazda CX-30 2024 model year received better starting configurations Style+ and Executive+. The expansion of the equipment range took place mainly due to security systems and electronic assistants: now the entire package of i-Activesense systems is available from the start. Those elements included by default in the starting equipment were previously impossible for the owners of the latter to order: they could only be received by people who chose top-end or pre-top equipment.

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And this is a very interesting and correct idea, in our opinion: if this is the way of things in the world that the quantity and quality of what we receive depends on the thickness of the wallet, then it must be relevant in security last place. This is what Mazda decided and finished the initial Estilo+ and Executive+ with some very useful and important systems. Let me list them by name.

These include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward-Facing Head-Up Camera (FSC), Advanced Brake Safety System (SBS), Distance and Speed ​​​​Alert (DSA), Driver Alert Assist (DAA), lane departure warning system and lane departure warning system (LAS), traffic sign recognition system (TSR).

And here’s the icing on the cake: Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (BSM+RCTA), now included even on the entry-level Style+ trim level. This system is difficult to overestimate, because in real life the driver often finds himself in a situation where he has to drive back and forth in conditions of limited visibility. And if you don’t see an obstacle in the form of another car approaching transversely to the rear of your CX-30, then it will do it itself – and immediately warn you about it.

And starting with the second configuration, Executive+ will not only warn, but also brake if the driver suddenly ignores this warning for some reason. Because the Executive+ already includes the SBS-RC system, which offers such an important update to the BSM+RCTA system.

And, by the way, he’s not the only one – Executive+ also adds a rear view camera with dynamic parking lines (in Style+ they are static) and a TJA system to reduce the load on the driver when driving in traffic jams. In fact, it is the ability to enjoy all the benefits of adaptive cruise control at low speeds, which really makes life easier for the driver in dense city traffic.

What else is interesting? Keyless entry and engine start – on all trim levels. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and USB-C connectors are included on all trim levels, except that on the original Style+ the connection is wired.

If the engines of all Mazda CX-30 are the same, with a volume of 2 liters and a power of 150 hp, then the type of transmission depends on the configuration. In the initial Style+ (from UAH 1,116,000), the crossover is exclusively front-wheel drive. In the following Executive+ equipment, you can choose between 2WD (from 1,184,400 UAH) and 4WD (from 1,252,800 UAH). And the Sport Black and Premium trim levels – from 1,292,400 UAH and 1,357,200 UAH, respectively – provide only all-wheel drive. Along with that, Sport Black and Premium offer something you won’t find in Style+ and Executive+. These include LED daytime running lights, LED headlights, a surround-view system and a premium Bose audio system with 12 speakers.

A completely logical question may arise: how do the last two devices differ from each other? Accent colors of the body and interior, as well as the finish of the latter. For example, in Sport Black, the exterior mirrors are painted black, and the wheels will be the same color.

The interior of the Mazda CX-30 Sport Black will be trimmed in terracotta eco-leather and black suede. And the Premium will offer genuine leather trim along with artificial leather. So you can choose according to your taste. By the way, for music lovers: the Bose audio system is in the same top-end equipment, that is, not only in Premium, but also in Sport Black.

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Let me remind you that we are testing the Mazda CX-30 in this exact configuration. Therefore, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, we have a two-liter SkyActiv engine combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission (this is a common feature of all CX-30s) and all-wheel drive.

It seems that 150 horses is not a very large figure. But taking into account the relatively small curb weight of 1448 kg and the good mutual understanding of the engine with the automatic transmission, we have quite decent dynamics of 10.3 seconds to hundreds and the ability to easily maintain in flow rhythm. And if you turn on sports mode, you can even get naughty if you want. And fuel consumption is not excessive: 10-11 l/100 km in the city.

It is also worth noting the high level of comfort and thank Mazda, who chose the wheel size without fanaticism. After all, 215/55 R18 is exactly what is needed to make the crossover look good and not hurt your back on our roads. Where, as we are used to, the snow has partially melted along with the asphalt in the spring.

But the fact that any Mazda drives well is no longer surprising to fans of the brand. A pleasant surprise in the case of the updated CX-30 is how safe and easy to use this crossover is, even in the initial configurations, which, we recall, include a head-up display, a new multimedia system with a large screen and a wider package than before security systems. And the top ones, especially the Sport Black, also impress with the interesting color scheme of the interior design and very good finishing materials.

Richer and safer – this is probably the main motto of the updated Mazda CX-30. We really like it – we’re sure you will too. But you can check it only during a personal meeting with the updated crossover in the showrooms of official dealers, where we invite you. And you certainly won’t regret it!


Source: korrespondent

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