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Prikhodko criticized colleagues who boasted about breast surgery during the war

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According to the celebrity, there is a limit to everything, especially at a time when there is a full-scale war in our country.

Ukrainian actress Inna Prikhodko criticized her co-stars who boasted about plastic surgery during the war. He wrote this on his Instagram page.

Specifically, the movie star Say happy are outraged at the lengths media personalities can go to in order to gain more fame. According to the artist, everything should have a limit, especially during a time when there is a war in our country.

“To be a famous artist, you have to finish your breasts, so that people will know you for sure. Honestly, I follow dozens of pseudo-colleagues and it amazes me what people won’t do. for the sake of popularity. Either a picture with a bare butt, or plastic surgery, or someone crying on camera and wiping his snot with a Gucci handkerchief, but complaining about how hard it is for him in this life, someone goes to “live life.” ” in an expensive resort and keep putting it on display, someone buys a bag for two thousand euros and then opens the collection and asks people for money. What happened to you guys? “, wrote the star.

Later, Inna Prikhodko commented on her post on the program Morning in the Big Cityhe is referring to the actress, who is already a blogger.

“I looked at the stories of some actresses who retrained as bloggers. It somehow touched me. It’s not the time… Life is alive and somehow the time is distracting. But there is a kind of limit, which , in my opinion, there is no need to go too far. To expose these plastic surgeries and so on – it, in my opinion, looks pointless, especially when we live in such a time, in a time of war,” she said , although not named by the celebrity in her name.

Earlier it was reported that for the first time Jennifer Lawrence denied the rumors about plastic surgery.

The plus size model showed off her breast reduction
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