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Holidays February 13, 2024: facts, traditions, signs

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World Radio Day, the first Barbie dolls on sale and Robbie Williams’ birthday were the most interesting events on February 13 at Athletistic.

In the Gregorian calendar, February 13 is the 44th day of 2024. There are 322 days left in the year.

What holidays in Ukraine and the world on February 13

  • World Radio Day
  • World Epilepsy Day
  • Girlfriend’s Day
  • Day of Sweet Dreams
  • International Shawarma Day
  • International Condom Day
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What events happened in Ukraine and in the world on February 13

  • 1784 – by order of Catherine II, the Tauride region was formed from the lands of the Crimean Khanate (Crimea, Taman, Kuban side) which was merged into the Russian Empire in 1783 with the rights of the governor (center – Simferopol)

  • 1895 – Birthday of world cinema – the Lumière brothers patented the first film camera

  • 1934 – a steamer was crushed by ice in the Chukchi Sea Chelyuskin

  • 1959 – The first Barbie dolls are sold.

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Who was born on February 13

  • 1813 – German composer, conductor, art theorist Richard Wagner

  • 1892 – Ukrainian singer and public figure Maria Litvinenko-Wolgemuth

  • 1903 – French writer Georges Simeonon

  • 1904 – Ukrainian politician and public figure, son of Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky Daniil Skoropadsky

  • 1974 – former member of the English pop group Take That Robbie Williams

Town and church holidays

On this day, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Bishop Nikita. He was born in Kyiv, took monastic vows at a young age and went into seclusion. However, Nikita was tempted and could not resist: the devil forced him to refuse to read the Gospel.

Soon, he again used temperance and obedience, as a result of which he surpassed many of the virtues.

People called Nikita a guardian from fire, lightning and extreme heat of the sun. It is believed that at one time this saint could not only extinguish fire with his prayers, but also prevent drought.

Traditions and rituals

Our ancestors noticed that if the weather is good on this day, the fall will be good. People were especially afraid that evil spirits would ride the ridge on the roof – and the house would shake, and “the wind would come to the balcony.” Therefore, in Nikita, farmers are especially careful with their housing.


  • If the wood in the stove smokes and does not light properly, it means melting.
  • A strong draft from the fire foreshadowed frosty days.
  • Red fire promises cold, white – heat.

Who has a birthday today?

The name day on February 14 is celebrated by Afanasy, Victor, Nikita, Ilya, Ivan.

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Name day February 13
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