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Second hand. Which tribe of bargain hunters do you belong to?

Buy new? It’s out of fashion! For the home, we scour flea markets, antique dealers and specialty websites for unique treasures. The eBay platform and the company NellyRodi have thus defined four tribes of bargain hunters. Follow the guide to find out which one you belong to.

“Tell me what you’re looking for on eBay and I’ll tell you who you are.” That’s a common theme in a study conducted by online resale site NellyRodi with trend firm NellyRodi. Committed to promoting second-hand goods and facing a growing demand for second-hand decor and furniture, eBay has studied shopping trends. First observation. visitors increasingly seek an emotional connection with what they enter, hence the need for a history, a past. The second important point. four profiles stand out and make up the art of living map. Wondering which one is yours? Laura Simhon, eBay’s Art, Antiques and Collectibles Manager, helps you define your style.

Timeless elegance for the exclusive urbanite.
eBay / NellyRodi:

If your favorite vintage pieces Camerdi, folding chairs and smoked glass or Plexiglas magazine rack…

If you are looking for signed vintage pieces Gio Ponti, Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti, Venini, Barovier and Toso, Christopher, Erquis, Lappara…

You follow the art of living.”Exclusive Urban »

“Exclusive city dwellers love very elegant, smartly designed interiors. They are aesthetes who cultivate a luxurious modernist spirit and choose their furniture and accessories with the greatest care and expertise, thinking long and hard about their purchases. Their favorite materials are expensive, timeless: travertine, marble, fine porcelain, Murano glass. Of course, they also like silverware. They have a deep desire to be part of sustainability.”

The art of mixing and stacking for the Exuberance Bohème tribe.

If your favorite vintage pieces A rattan armchair, an old travel trunk, a lacquered china wardrobe…

If you are looking for signed vintage pieces The Faïencerie de Lunéville-Saint-Clément, Sarreguemines, Jacques Pergay, Goyard, Daum, Emile Galle…

You follow the art of living.”Bohemian Vibrance”

“Here, too, complexity is required, but with a more intense spirit, even a little kitsch, with the accumulation of objects. One of the leaders of this tribe could be Laura Gonzalez. Like her, a follower of Bohemian Exuberance is interested in precious materials and craftsmanship. Sofas dressed in warm colors with rich silk, slips, rattan are the signs of this tribe, which, for example, will happily open the door of Galerie Vauclair in Paris. These bohemian bohemians are both very refined and very cheerful, and know how to juggle references, materials, patterns and unique objects, such as jugs in the shape of animals, plates resembling cabbage leaves, as well as Galle vases, Valauris ceramics…” :

Color, 70s, 80s… This is what Pop Extravagance fans love.

If your favorite vintage pieces KD 29 desk lamp by Joe Colombo, Oceanic table lamp by Michele de Lucchi, resin vase by Gaetano Pesce, storage unit by Componibili…

If you are looking for signed vintage pieces Natalie du Pasquier, Ettore Sottsass, Pokemon, Lego, Playmobil, Pollypockets, Marvel, Nintendo, Sega…

You follow the art of living.”pop extravaganza”

“This breed likes friendly, vibrant, very colorful environments. And while these qualifications may also apply to a clan of bohemian bohemians, here they are accompanied by a very playful dimension. Followers of Pop Extravagance are, in fact, particularly daring, imaginative and obscene. They love warm shapes and materials, maximalism, like long pile carpets and futuristic lamps. If they buy iconic items from the Memphis movement and Ettore Sottsass, they also like 80s items like neon lights, lava lamps, and the street art vibe they associate with vintage comics. , which are placed within artworks. They have subversive arts and theater associations.”

Useful minimalism is what characterizes Essentiel Esthète.

If your favorite vintage pieces are: Vintage Terraillon scale, vintage Le Creuset pot, three-legged stools ideally Berger by Charlotte Perriand, Aïo ceramic coffee and tea service designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2011…

If you are looking for signed vintage pieces Grange, Jourdan, Charles Waltz, Robert Picot, Andre Martin, Habitat, La Redoute, Silla, Emsa, Pyrex, Duralex, Arcopal, Arcoroc, Seb, Terreilon, Bnag & Olufsen, Floss, Martinelli Luce…

You follow the art of living.”Basic esthete »

“Essential aesthetes are very different from other races. They love minimalism and all their purchases, which are otherwise quite rare, are thought out in a rational spirit. They are knowledgeable. For them, aesthetics meets function. Their favorite shades. Apparently neutral shades such as whites, creams… Fearing them, well-being is closely related to visual harmony and conscious and committed consumption. They like what is durable, what is made of honest materials, what never goes out of style, in short, the most important thing.”

Source: Le Figaro

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