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Support Palestine. Jolie’s father called him a mess

Support Palestine.  Jolie’s father called him a mess

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Jon Voight called on the Hollywood star to reconsider his opinion on the situation in the Middle East.

American actor Jon Voight criticized his famous daughter Angelina Jolie’s anti-Israeli posts, calling them “lies” and saying “the Israeli army must defend its land.” The Daily Mail reported this.

The Oscar and Golden Globe winner posted a video on his Instagram page in which he said he was disappointed that his daughter, like many others, did not understand what was happening.

“I am very disappointed that my daughter, like many others, has no idea about honoring God or God’s truth. We are talking about the destruction of God’s historic land – the Holy Land, the land of the Jews. Israel’s army must defend its land, its people. This is war. Israel has been subjected to inhuman terror against innocent babies, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers. You worthless people call Israel a problem, but you must look at yourself and ask: who am I? What am I? And ask God, will I know the truth or are they just lying to me and am I blindly following the agenda of others? Whoever understands the truth will see the lie. These beings want to destroy the Jews, Christians,” he said.

The actor also believes that Hamas militants were given a lot of money, and they did not share it with the people, but made weapons. He emphasized the heroism of the Jewish people in the face of the tragedies that befell them throughout their history, and noted that victory will come to Israel.

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Angelina Jolie was previously reported to have commented on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Angelina Jolie condemned the rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip
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Source: korrespondent

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